2013 Lessons Learned

Pull up a comfy chair, grab your favourite beverage and relax, while I share with you some important lessons learned in 2013

If you're reading this and expecting a list of 2013 lessons then clearly you either have too much time on your hands or you think that I do! Instead, I'm taking a trip down memory lane to share with you some grey beard-ish wise words, stroking my chin as I type in the hope that one day I too will have a beard worthy of appearing in a Lord of the Rings movie...

Sit back, put your feet up and you will learn all that is required to successfully navigate your way through 2014*

  1. Running a business is hard work
  2. Some clients cost you much more than they pay you.
  3. Buying a coffee machine is much cheaper than buying 12 months worth of coffees
  4. Jam and Cream Donuts make buying 12 months worth of coffees worth it
  5. Suzuki Swift Sports can comfortably achieve speeds of 90kmph in second gear
  6. Renting an office next door to a pub is definitely a good investment
  7. It's difficult to get sick of cheese and bacon sausage rolls - but possible
  8. 3yr old sons make life totally interesting
  9. Taking risks in business is absolutely essential - you will generally get it right more than you get it wrong
  10. Having a business coach / mentor / someone to bounce ideas off is essential to progressing your business
  11. Networking is a skill not an activity - doing it well will lay foundations for your business for years to come, not to mention the great friendships that grow out of it
  12. White furniture gets dirty - fast
  13. Wearing thongs and shorts while doing a presentation in Hyden earns you a beer - before you even start the presentation!
  14. Wearing thongs and shorts in Google Business Photos does not look terribly professional - though is entirely comfortable
  15. Running a business is hard work - but worth it...

And there you have it! Consider yourself well educated and have an awesome 2014!

* Some or all of this may or may not be true...