Face to Face with the Book of a Billion Faces

What happens when Nick Bowditch comes to town? Facebook Bootcamp!

Ok, so when I say a billion faces, it was actually just one... And it wasn't the book which is kept in a little black box on top of Big Ben because that's where the best reception is (or was that the internet?), it was a facebook employee.

Enter... Nick Bowditch!

Nick's travelling around the best country in the world (and the one next door) meeting and greeting his thong wearing, beer drinking, pie eating brothers and sisters - all at facebook's expense. And I reckon they have invested in the right man. 

We were treated to a day of hints, tips, information and answers - right from the horses mouth. No really, there was a horse there*. We laughed, we cried, we shuddered and we went ooohhhhhhhhh as the lights came on and we realised that facebook wasn't after our first born, it simply wanted to build a network where relationships mattered and every one of it's billion users had an experience which was the best experience for them.

It would of course be rude not to mention Blond Gorilla, Two Moons Consulting, Rebecca Derrington from Source Bottle and the lady who was passionate about... well being passionate! :/

Having shared the day with these fantastic people, it only seems fair to pass on 4 things which highlighted the day...

1. facebook has a phone. And a number. A free one. Ring it...

That's right, if you have questions, if you are in a pickle - pickle up the phone (I know, that was from the bottom of the barrel) and call facebook... DIRECT!

2. Use your business page to tell stories. Interesting and relevant ones - not about your neighbours cat which stole your brother's sandwich and made you giggle like a little girl (unless that IS relevant). People really connect with story telling. facebook isn't about broadcasting, it's about narrowcasting.

3. Custom Audiences now lets you target an 'offline audience'. Now you can start reaching people you have done business with with, not just those who have connected with your business page.

4. The facebook ads module can be used for market research, not just for your online ads, but also to influence your offline marketing as well.

Seriously, when was the last time you spoke with someone from Google, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest?

What makes a business with over 1 billion users decide to pay somone to travel around and share interesting and useful insights into their product?

Surely 1 billion users = people know how to use your product and what it's all about... Apparently not.

My hat goes off to facebook for thinking of us here in Perth (City of Perth, you and I need to desperately talk about your website... Call Me), and to Nick for doing a great job of speaking and facilitating the day.

Now that I'm an expert, feel free to call me to discuss your facebook strategy. Just kidding about the expert part, but I can assure you I will be putting into practice what I have learned today and am happy to answer any questions you have. What I don't know, I will find out.

Did you attend the Facebook Bootcamp? What are your thoughts?

* This may or may not be true...