How designing custom clothing for Roblox took years off my life!

Roblox logo with custom outfits

It has finally happened. I'm old - and not just a little bit old, a lot old! 

First I noticed some grey hairs - easy fixed, I thought, as I plucked them diligently. Phew, no-one noticed... 

Except that they did... Driving in the car one day and one kid asks "What was it like in the olden days?". A week later the other kid asks if car were invented when I was a boy. The following week when explaining that my friend and I used to always walk around in bare feet as kids, I was asked if that was because shoes weren't invented yet! 

So that's it, I was officially ancient and it was time to take matters into my old and wrinkly hands and turn that around.

Watching the kids play Roblox (and failing at playing it) at first I dismissed it. Then I found Roblox Studio and the cogs started ticking... Playing around with creating custom Roblox games, I couldn't help wondering how to design custom clothing. 

While still not too sure how to design custom accessories, I have worked out how to design custom clothing - in particular shirts and pants - and have got the kids kitted out and the envy of their school friends. 

The kids are happy and once again I've managed to pull it back from being ancient to just being really old :D