How to Switch Between Accounts in Google+

Haven't worked out how to view your Pages in the Google+ iPad app? You're not the only one...

Not too long ago, I wasn't great at adopting new technologies.

While most people were busy sharing photos of what they had for lunch with their 500 friends on Facebook, I was occasionally sharing intellectual snippets with both of mine.

By the time Google+ turned up on the scene, I was well versed in 'facebooking' (is it really a verb now?) and regularly interacted with all 4 of my friends.

I realised I had missed the boat with regards to building apps and making a quick million and for that reason I was determined to be the king of G+. I signed up for my invite, and waited outside the virtual gates in my virtual tent, slowly strengthening my virtual body odour as part of the virtual queue, waiting to find out just what Google had planned for taking on the big gun of social media. 

Finally I was in. I set up my profile, followed the people I could find and then ... I died of boredom. No one seemed to be using it! Not to mention it was slow and clunky. 

Fast forward to present time and it still seems to me that very few of the people I know and interact with are on Google+. That aside, I still have a business page and I still post fairly regularly. Maybe some day someone will find me! 

This evening I installed the G+ app for the iPad. Our power is out due to a storm so I thought I'd use the time to see what it was like. 

When I first logged in, I was asked which profile I wanted to manage. My personal profile or one of my pages. Great idea I thought. Very easy to select and start managing. I played around a bit with my business page, noted how beautiful all the design aspects were, then it was time to check out my personal profile. 

Oh wait... Where is my personal profile? 

I spent a lot of time searching through every option I could find, trying things along the way. No joy. As someone wiser than me once said... when all else fails - read the instructions! Surely Google had the answer? Amazingly even THAT took me a while. 

Finally I found the solution: You have to sign out then sign back in again so that it asks you which profile you want to manage! 

Wow. So much success in so many other areas, but the one that you would think is most useful simply doesn't exist. Not only that, but there is nothing to tell you how that works. There's plenty of room under the list of profiles for a quick message saying "You will need to log out and back in again to switch profiles".

I guess there's a good reason for it being this way, but it's certainly a turn off from using it. I guess I will just set it to my business profile and be done with it... Use my main computer for the personal profile. 

What about you? Which profile will you set it to? Will you even use it?