New tyres from West Perth? Why not...

Recently I needed new tyres for my car. West Perth was an outside choice but a good one nonetheless!

With rear tyres so bald I was almost running on slicks, you could be forgiven for thinking I drive a formula one racing car - that is, unless you knew I drove a 1.8L Astra... There's no coming back from a mistaken identity of that magnitude!

Being on the road a lot it's not often the poor Astra gets some down time, let alone me who would need to wait around for the tyres to be replaced. So when I realised I had a meeting in West Perth with a client it seemed a good idea to give Subiaco Tyres a call.

Subiaco Tyres are one of our clients, have a great and easy to use website (only slightly biased) and happened to be just up the road from where my meeting was. Ampie, a cheerful South African man who I'd bet my house on in an arm wrestle between him and Leo Kruger, suggested I drop the car off at their place, then he would take me to my meeting and pick me up from there as well.

^ Leo, not Ampie...

Service with a bicep! I mean smile!

I found out that they often drop off and pick up busy clients making life much easier for their customers, and aside from that they can also source pretty much any tyre or wheel from anywhere in the world AND they do a fantastic job!

So if you're in need of new tyres and are either in the West Perth area or fancy a drive for some top quality service, give Ampie a call and tell him I sent you!