OpenX and PHP 5.3 - Is this the end?

OpenX has gone commercial and as a result, the community edition has stalled. Is this the end for a lot of developers?

Having spent some time trying to work out why my OpenX banners stopped working, it appears the reason is an upgrade on the server to PHP 5.3. The upgrade happened to coincide with my website moving to a new account on the server so that caused a bit of confusion!

From my understanding, OpenX has gone commercial and are no longer supporting the now 'community' edition. With no developers to take up the gauntlet, it has - to say the least - stalled. Nothing makes this more apparent than running it on servers which have PHP 5.3 installed. 

So where to from here? If you have a lot of adverts riding on the OpenX system, your best bet would be to pay them for the privilege. If you only have a few or you are just thinking about trying it out, your best bet would be to move to something else instead.

One suggestion - though I haven't tried it yet - is Google's own DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP):

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business is a free hosted ad serving solution that helps you manage your growing online advertising business.

Has anyone tried DFP or other free ad serving providers? Any thoughts or suggestions - Other than OpenX changing their name to Not So OpenX, afterall they were called Open Ads and before that PhpAdsNew so they obviously aren't adverse to a name change!