Smart Parking in Perth

Perth is certainly establishing itself as a leader in adopting new technology. This is a great example.

Over recent months I have really noticed that Perth is not only investing in new technology but actively looking for ways to make use of the technology now available. In so doing, Perth is establishing itself as a leader when it comes to adopting new technology and I really hope they continue to innovate and invest, giving us all a bright digital future. 

The latest cab off the rank? Paperless parking tickets using number plate recognition. The city of Perth released the following:

There are now 176 additional car bays in the city, all of which do not require a ticket or card.

The City of Perth Parking (CPP) today officially reopened the Goderich Street car park in East Perth – the first CPP car park to feature paperless licence plate recognition technology and payment systems.

City of Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the City of Perth is a national leader and innovator when it comes to parking.

“When it comes to parking in the city, people want quick, easy efficient access,” Ms Scaffidi said.

“By providing innovative parking technology such as paperless licence plate recognition, smartphone applications and real-time bay availability monitors we are making it easier for people to visit our city.”

800,000 people use one of the City of Perth’s 33 car parks a month. With 20,571 people taking advantage of the award wining CPP smart phone application.

The CPP Goderich Street car park is located near Royal Perth Hospital and next to the City of Perth’s new rental apartment complex, purpose built for city workers on low to moderate incomes.

Well done Perth, keep up the good work!