Street Advertising

Sustainable public communication which can be as simple as directional signs for public facilities

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Eco Street Ads over the past few months to help bring their high quality and environmentally friendly service to fruition.

We believe the concept is great and has the potential to be highly effective in communicating the message of any business to its' target market. So what is Street Advertising? Richard Mallet from Eco Street Ads says:

It's about sustainable public communication and can be as simple as directional signs for public facilities to 
save on materials such as paper, ink, plastics, metal etc. We feel that by using collected rainwater and
recycling it for this purpose, is a perfect way to provide a sustainable media to carry out our work. We use
local businesses to produce our artwork and our stencils.

And this is perhaps the most interesting part of it all. Any slogan, shape or pattern can actually be 'written'
or 'inscribed' on a wall or pavement without using any materials at all. How so exactly? You just put a
stencil onto a given surface and then use high pressure recycled rainwater which takes the dirt away and
leaves an imprint. With the term 'graffiti' still holding a connotation of criminal activity in Australia we
have chosen to drop the use of the word and we began by designing our brand focusing on it's
environmental benefits. Hence Eco Street Ads was born. Our stencils are produced from 1.2mm stainless
steel and remain in our possession and each one can produce ten's of thousands of messages before
needing to be reproduced. The ads / messages last between one to five months depending on their
location and exposure to traffic and soils.

This new method can help our clients to increase their visibility in public while projecting a more
responsible image. "It's all about being Non-destructive along the way, encouraging business and
corporate bodies to THINK SMART when considering how to promote themselves their ideas or their
products and services and setting a good example to the rest of society by leading the way in attempting
to reduce carbon emissions." Change is on its way. "This is new, edgy and it's funky. Most importantly...

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