To Hack or Not to Hack

Keysboard with a padlock

To hack or not to hack... that is the question... or is it the answer?

If you have a website, you're at risk of being hacked. Many people seem to think they are small and insignificant online, why would anyone want to hack their website? What could possibly be gained?

Unfortunately the reality is quite different.

You see there generally isn't a socially challenged, bearded keyboard warrior sitting in a dark room in the middle of eastern Europe singling out websites that they might like to hack today to get the world back for the injustices they have been dealt. 

That same person however might be looking at older versions of website software such as WordPress, Magento or many others, trying to find issues with the code which will allow them to upload malicious files or scripts. When they find such things, they then write a script which automatically searches the internet for websites using the same outdated and broken code. When it finds a website with the vulnerability, the script automatically gets to work.

It takes no prisoners, it doesn't differentiate and you'll wake up to find that your website either no longer works or it's been used to send thousands or even tens of thousands of spam emails - using your branding and reputation!

Such a situation happened just the other day. One of our clients had an outdated shopping cart and a vulnerability in the code was exploited. We resolved what we thought was the issue quite quickly but soon found that it was impossible to upload any images to the website. It took in excess of 12 hours to find the issue and resolve it which meant down time for the client and a lot of work for us.

By paying a small monthly amount, we can maintain your website code ensuring that it is always up to date. An up to date website is more secure and our website maintenance monthly program means that even on the off chance a hacker might well find a way in, we'll resolve the issues at no extra cost to you.

When was the last time you had your website code updated to the latest version? Can you afford to be open to potential hack attempts?

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