Waroona Par Avion

Thrombolites in Lake Clifton, Waroona

I remember sending letters between Australia and the UK when I was younger, you know the ones with the blue, white and red stripes on? I haven't seen one of those envelopes in a long time - even longer since I sent an actual letter - and it never ceases to amaze me when I think of how much has changed in my life time compared to what would have changed in the lives of generations before me. Then of course to think how fast technology and the way of life will move for the generations that come after us! 

One thing that is currently changing is aviation. In my life time the only chance I had to get a birds eye view of the earth was from an aeroplane, something that is expensive and taking photos is limited to through the little window and as you are moving there really is no opportunity to take low light photos. 

All that is changing though and with the advancements in Drone technology, getting a birds eye view of pretty much anything is not only possible, but it's also exciting and interesting. To see things from a completely different angle to ever before gives us so many "wow" moments and we start to realise beauty even in areas that from the ground appear to be lacking. 

Over the weekend I was tasked with taking some aerial photos of various places in the shire of Waroona and nature sure put on a show!