Google Keyword Selection - A little thought goes a long way...

Recently I wrote an article about horses and icecreams, noting how sometimes thinking outside the box when choosing your keywords for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc is a great advantage to your business - yet sometimes it simply attracts the wrong customer.

Since writing that article, it has risen to the 4th most popular page of my website and continues to rise, bringing me traffic each day. This actually demonstrates a couple of things and has led me to write this follow-up article:

  1. I was absolutely right in that optimising a page or your website for a keyword you know is popular, will send you some Google love.
  2. The increase in traffic because of your fantabulous keyword is not automatically going to convert to sales or make you an instant gazillionaire.

Why am I not yet a gazillionaire? The article is not geared up for the Goal of my Website, it is not attracting my Target Market and really, Common Sense told me it was never going to convert to sales, but I wrote it in the hope that it would serve to prove my point - which it has.

So what else needs to be considered when selecting your keywords?


Think about what the website or the page is all about, look at your content, think about what you are trying to achieve with it. THEN select keywords that are relevant. Google will love you for your relevance, your target market love you for providing them with what they are looking for, and you will love the fact that your website is successful!

A little thought definitely goes a long way...