SEO - Content is King

An SEO client of mine recently recently asked what else could I or he do to give his website and business more online presence. I have been able to get his site ranked well for what his business is predominately known for, but he wanted to rank for additional keywords, somewhat lesser of what his business is know. That in itself was no problem. But good rankings does not always translate into better business, and he did not understand what I meant by content being the most important resource.

Think - "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

Regardless of your ranking on Google, people need to trust your site. They need to know you are able do the job they are searching for. If content is sparse to non-existent, poorly layed out or scripted, chances are you will not be contacted for your service or product. Make sure the potential client or customer knows exactly what you can do for them, promise them the world and make sure you can deliver.

For good rankings keywords, links and other standard SEO tactics are crucial. For more business, good content is vital.