Be a City - Building roads to great SEO

There's a saying on the web: "drive traffic to your site." But without any 'roads', how is that traffic going to make it?

Earlier today, my friend and business coach sent me an email, pointing out that a link in it might be of interest to me.

That link was to Blue Wire Media's FREE Web Strategy Secrets eBook and Planning Template.

To me, this resource is worth it's weight (aside from the fact it is digital...) in gold and should be read and understood by every business who is serious about getting results from their website.

Unfortunately, I am convinced that not only will the average business owner not have the time to read 37 pages of awesomeness, but they most likely also don't have the time it would take (and possibly the inclination) to understand all the concepts explained in it - though credit to them for explaining everything as simple as possible.

Thankfully there is a Planning Template provided with it (also FREE), which we would be more than happy to help you understand, complete, and monitor.

Consider this, taken from the eBook:

"There's a saying on the web: 'drive traffic to your site.' But without any roads, how is that traffic going to make it?

The most common mistake people make is building a website and then crossing their fingers that people find it. If you don't make a concerted, continued effort to drive traffic to your website, it will inevitably lead to poor results.

Be a city, not a small, remote town, with a treacherous road in."

In my experience as a website developer, there has not been too many truer words spoken.

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