Future Proof Your Investment

Websites are not cheap, especially if they are done right. There is a lot of time and effort going into the design stage, followed by the same amount of time and effort in the development stage. There is feedback to be made and appropriate changes to be actioned, there are meetings required between the developer and the business owner, then there is the testing stage, for both functionality but also to make sure that the website performs as it should in the many different browsers available.

Throw into the mix handheld devices and iPads, and you have a recipe for many hours work. Many hours of course equates to many dollars, and if you are going to invest a large number of dollars into something, you want to know that it works, but also that it will continue to work into the future.

We understand this, and have worked at a foundational level to ensure that your website is built right from the very start.

We generally meet initially with the client at their workplace, for a couple of reasons:

  1. Your time is your money. If you don't have to travel to us, you have more time.
  2. We get a greater understanding of what you do, how your business is perceived offline, who works for you, who your target market is, what your business problems are and how you work.

During this meeting we go through a questionnaire that we have developed, which will help to identify what your business problems are that should be addressed by the website, what will be defined as a successful website, how that is measured and a whole range of other things which are essential to getting the right website for your business. We help you to set some short and long term goals for your website, and offer suggestions on how you can monitor those.

We perform a lot of basic Search Engine Optimisation techniques as part of our standard service to you, but can also provide a full Search Engine Optimisation solution with continued monitoring and updating as well.

We teach you how to set up your content in the most helpful way to both your customers and search engines, or we can also provide you with professional Copy Writing if you prefer.

We integrate a full website statistics package with every website we develop, giving you access to a wide range of information relating to how your website is used and by who, and we can also provide weekly insights into those statistics, along with suggestions on reaching the goals you have set.

Basically, we ensure that the foundations of your website are strong and that you are set up for success from the very start, and we provide the tools and expertise to monitor the success and make changes where required. We work with you to give you peace of mind, knowing that the time, effort and money that you invest into your website, works for you today, tomorrow and into the future.

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