Repetitive Branding Gives Your Business the Edge

Email is part of your target markets' every day activity. What's your email address doing for you?

What's your email address doing for your business?

Ever thought about this? My guess is that most business owners haven't. Particularly those with small businesses. I can guarantee though that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has.

When you sign up to an ISP for your internet, you usually get an email address associated with it. Do they have to give you that? Is it necessary? Absolutely not. But as a provider of the internet, what is the primary thing your customers will be doing? Sending and receiving emails of course.

I recently qualified as a Breathing Apparatus (BA) wearer for the local fire brigade, following a 2 day training course. In order to keep my accreditation, I need to wear it in training at least 6 times each year, and will be assessed twice each year on how I check and operate it.

It is a well known fact that the more often you do or see something, the easier it is to remember it. Everyone has experienced this, and it is for this reason I am required to undertake 6 wears and 2 assessments each year to keep my BA qualification.

In a business sense, we acknowledge this fact when we write systems and processes - especially those systems we don't use very often - and when we participate in training and refresher courses.

Now thinking about your email address, while it ends in @their-business-name, it is their business branding which is repeatedly in the minds of your target market. Every time you tell someone your email address, every time your customers and potential clients see your emails in their inbox, and every time they forward an email to someone else - it is your ISP's branding which takes the spotlight.

Taking it a step further, most ISPs even charge for additional email addresses. So not only are you and your customers promoting their business, you are paying them to do it!

The great news is that it's easy and affordable to have email addresses @your-business-name. You simply need two things - a Domain Name (the www. thing) and some Hosting (the physical place where your emails will be sent to so you can access them).

Contact us now and we can have you up and running within a matter of hours, supplying you with unlimited email addresses, webmail access and website-ready hosting. All for less than $260/year*.

Already have a domain name? We can link our hosting to it making it even cheaper for you!

Start your Repetitive Branding campaign today and put your business first.

* price subject to change