You need a Motirection

Australian Road with "Motivation Ahead" sign

"Sounds great, but what is it?", I hear you all ask… Allow me to ellaborate…

One day I was driving to Mandurah, overwhelmed with my workload and under-whelmed by the prospect of actually doing the work, I pondered as to how I was going to get everything done as well as meeting the many deadlines I had ahead of me.

The answer? Motirection.

Defined as being "a direction established specifically for the purpose of motivation", a Motirection will solve any motivational problem.

You see, the issue is that while I had a lot of work to get through, the motivation wasn’t there. The motivation wasn't there because my workload was a big heavy cloud of tasks which all seemed 'too hard'. I’m sure you have been there before as well and have maybe stumbled across the Motirectional Phenomenon already, but to me it was quite a revelation.

Rather than juggle all the tasks and do an average job on each, simply prioritise them. Work out the direction you need to take to get them all done, then work through each task one at a time. This will ensure not only that everything gets done, but that it gets done to a high standard.

If you have a super-sized workload in need of a serious diet, why not give Motirection a try then let us know how it worked out for you?