Concerned about Facebook 'Graph App' and your Privacy?

Concerned about Facebook 'Graph App' and your Privacy? Fear not...

Have you seen this post doing the rounds on Facebook? I had an enquiry from a contact out in the Wheatbelt who wanted to know what she should do - should she make any changes and would doing what was instructed help or hinder?

This was the first I had seen of it but it looked like your run of the mill facebook hoaxes. Further investigation revealed it was just that - a hoax.

More information can be found here: though the most relevant bit is as follows:

Contrary to what's claimed, Graph Search won't make any of your Facebook content or other activities visible to strangers unless they're already visible to the general public per your own privacy settings. It simply gives members another way to find your stuff.

For example, if your current privacy settings only allow friends to view photos and status updates, Graph Search won't change that — only friends will be able to see your content, including in search results. However, if your current settings allow your content to be viewed by everyone, then everyone, friends and non-friends alike, will be able to see it in Graph Search results. That's pretty straightforward.

Tagging complicates matters somewhat. If someone tags you in a photo, comment, or status update, the visibility of the tagged material is governed by the privacy settings of the person who posted it. In those cases you have the option of 1) deleting the tag yourself, or 2) asking the member who tagged you to adjust their overall settings to make their posts more private.

So in short, don't waste your tiem re-posting this and let your friends know it's not real. Also if you're not sure if something is real or not, remember Google is your friend ;)