How to Remove Skype Links

Some browsers automatically apply Skype links to what the browser thinks is a phone number. Don't want that? Read on!

If you use Internet Explorer and have Skype installed, you probably have noticed that what your browser thinks is a phone number, it will turn into a "Skype Link".

Skype Links allow the user to click on the number and automatically ring it via Skype. This was implemented to make the Skype user experience even easier, however it certainly makes beautiful website design look a whole lot less beautiful.

Fortunately, removing Skype Links is easy to do.

If you are simply a website user and don't like the way they look, you can either remove the Skype toolbar from your Internet Explorer, or even better, get rid of IE and use a better browser - and by better browser I mean ANY browser that doesn't sound like Internet Explorer ;)

If however you are a website developer or designer and you want to make sure that your website design looks as it should in all browsers, you just have to add this one line of code into the head section:


And hey presto, Skype Links gone!