Photoshop Effects for Text

Give your text a face lift with Photoshop Effects

Been wondering how to make your text in Photoshop look like it was made with MS Publisher? Probably not... But if you have, then you're in luck and you need to read on!

So, lets assume you have Photoshop open and are working in a document. Select the Type tool from the menu.

Type the text that you want to apply the effect to. We're going to start with the following:

Next, we select the Warp Text section from the Type Menu.

From here you have a whole range of effects you can apply to your text.

We're going to use Arc Upper for this example but have a play with all of the options to see what works for you.

As if by magic, we have a great effect applied to our text! From here we can add a few more bells and whistles to make it look more like a vintage sign.

What do we think? Easy enough? Have fun with all your text effects from now on!