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2.5/5 Stars
  • its definitely a scam Im not that dumb dont use this he will take your personal info that's for sure
    total scam
  • Don't buy this. Once you buy it, they take your personal info and spam call and text you to get more info. Waste your money on something else.
  • my mom got me this and i liked it at first but then he deleated the iteam soo i could not use it and it was exspice i ware it cause i do not what my mom knowing i hate it
  • hate it
  • They are all right this is bad i hate
  • yea he is terable but it is cool how eople belive in this
    The best fortnight player
  • he sent me spam emails tryed getting into my google account what a scam
  • Okay first a lot of info i don't know why they are asking for my informaion and what they are useing it for/ two all good reviews are fake as they are all talking about patrick and who he is so good ? By robux for your kids or do it your self
  • Don't believe the good reviews they are fake this dude is a price of crap with no skill his clothes are shitty and id much rather spend my $10 on something worth it. He never responded to me and never got back to me
  • Patrick is professional and approachable. Though we are having teething problems with some elements of our website functionality, i am confident that we will sort this.
    Quindanning Hotel
  • We are really pleased with the design work and level of service we receive from Patrick and his team! Our website is our 'shop front' and we have had many positive comments about the impression and sense of quality this gives our customers
    Air Flair Balloons
  • Patrick and his team are just wonderful! Always very helpful and explain things easily.
    Tipples Mobile Bars & Catering Hire
  • Patrick always comes through in a professional manner to get the website work as it should , Highly recommend his services
    Lake Navarino Holiday Park
  • Patrick wasn't the first web designer we used 8 years ago, but he was the only one who came through & finished the job. He has continued to help us with updates & changes over time. In a world of 'promises', Templeman Twells Web Design is a 'deliverer'.
    Jigsaw Signs + Print
  • Awesome service, and exactly what I wanted and was designed exactly how I liked without any hassle and fast
    Burnouts Of Aus
  • A great job done and Templeman Twells comes highly recommended a job well done
    Drakesbrook Hotel Motel