Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to reach customers and even potential customers (provided they have willfully signed up) with social information about what is happening in and around your business, links to your products and services, links to your blog posts and more.

Simply sending an email is no longer enough, as sending too many emails will be treated as spam and potentially block you from being able to send or receive emails. Furthermore, it can take some time to collect the content and format it, so you want to know people are actually opening it, what is working, what people are reading and what they are clicking on - all this is impossible to do with a simple email.

Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp are our preferred Email Marketing systems and we can help you to get set up for success. We can design and develop custom email templates, provide you with statistics and teach you how to understand how people are using your emails. We can even manage your email marketing campaigns for you.

Email Marketing
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