Google Plus

Google Plus is Google's answer to Facebook.

The social media platform from Google is also your direct link to a stronger presence in search results. Through a well planned Google Plus profile, your business becomes highly visible and all that remains is to build trust with your potential customers.

It's impossible to sell anything without trust and that's no secret. With a physical shop it's relatively quick and easy to build trust. As potential customers walk past, your shop front invites them in. Once inside, the presentation of your shop and staff, and the interactions between you, your staff and the potential customer all work to give them a positive experience and build that trust.

Online it's much harder to build trust. Regular interactions on social media platforms such as Google Plus help to convey your character, values and trustworthiness.

Due to the very nature of these social media platforms though, it's very easy for people to share information very quickly, and very far. Your potential customers have already built their network of trust in their own contacts and one recommendation is all it takes to paint your business in either a positive or negative light.

Let us help you to develop a Google Plus strategy that promotes your business and displays your character and personality. Let us help build the trust that you need to take your business to the next level.

Google Plus
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