Twitter can sometimes seem a bit difficult to understand it's purpose, or how you can use it to promote and expand your business.

Gaining an understanding though can have a huge impact on your business and bring about a return on investment like you never would have thought.

Selling anything requires the potential customer to trust you. That's no secret and with a physical shop it's fairly easy to achieve. Providing you have enough people walking past, those that see your shop front, walk in and see what you do and how you do it, and those that iteract with you, all determine how much to trust you and if they want to do business with you. This all happens quite quickly and a lot is based on first impressions.

Online, building trust is much more difficult and it takes a lot longer. The difference though is the ease and speed at which those potential customers who have built trust with you, can recommend you to many others.

Through their own social media interactions, your potential customers have been building a network of trust and the one recommendation from them - postive or negative - is all it takes to impact your business.

We can develop and implement a Twitter strategy for you which develops relationships, builds trust and promotes positive referrals. With our help, you can boost your business through an effective Twitter campaign.

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